Gangrenous Dermatitis Associated with Aspergillosis in Broiler’s Flock in Eastern Algeria

Zeghdoudi Mourad, Nardjes Bouzidi, Latifa Merdac, Leila Aoun


Gangrenous dermatitis is less known than clostridial enteric’s wich is frequently stated. It is described in association with aspergillosis in a broiler flock. Diagnostic showed that Clostridium septicum is the causal agent and lesions are comprehensive manifested by blackish putrefaction gas at the wings and penetrating inflammation in the abdomen. This disease is characterized by rapid development and a significant number of subjects death in the space of a few hours. Treatments based on biocid-30 for aspergillosis and Ampicillin for gangrenous dermatitis reduced sharply the number of dead birds. Good scientific knowledge in clinical and lesion diagnosis and an effective treatment are essential in pathological cases with rapid development.


broiler; Clostridium septicum;gangrenous dermatitis; lesions; treatment

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