Treatment of crop residues using a noble thermostatic bacterial isolate to improve feed utilization by ruminants

anteneh getachew woldemariam


ABSTRACTMost research in modification of nutrient values of crop residue by using biological methods has primarily focused on treatment using fungi. The use of bacterial isolates yet hardly assessed to isolate novels from different sources. Some reports indicated the lignocellulolytic activity of thermostatic bacteria and the potentials to produce in shorter time. In this context, the present study was focused on isolation of novel thermostatic bacteria from different sources to improve the nutritional value of crop residues thereby utilization of ruminants. For biological treatment four bacteria were isolated from different sources and one noble isolate was selected. Crop residues such as sugarcane baggase (SB), corn straw (CS) and teff straw (Eragrostis tef) (TS) were used and fermented with isolate HSW. The amount of reducing sugar, % of saccharification, crud protein, % lignin loss and % in vitro digestibility (IVDMD) were measured and statistically analyzed. While the maximum amount of reducing sugar (531mg/100ml), % of saccharification (477.9mg/100ml), % of lignin loss (38.80%) and % of IVDMD (47.69%) were reported in SB treated with HSW. The amount of reducing sugar and % saccharification of SB was statistically significant (p<0.005). CS treated with bacterial strain responsible for accumulation of high crude protein (36.5mg/100gm) with significant value of (p<0.005).The availability of crop residues such as SB, CS and TS fermentation with noble thermostatic bacterial isolate HSW could be an option in animal feed formulation. Thermostatic bacteria considered as a competent organism for biological treatment.


Biological treatment, cellulose, Crop residue, reducing sugar, ruminant, Thermostatic bacteria


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