Haematological Response of Rabbits to Graded Levels of Mormodica Balsamina L. (Balsam Apple)

Maryam Mainasara Mikailu, Khalifa Muhammad Aljameel, Shehu Ahmed Maigandi, Nasiru Muhammad, Ibrahim Abubakar Anka


An experiment was conducted to evaluate graded levels of Mormodica balsamina on the haematology of rabbits. The animals were fed diets containing 0, 2.5, 5 and 7.5% inclusion levels of M. balsamina in a completely randomized experimental design replicated five times. Blood sample was collected and evaluated at the end of 90 day feeding trial. Results indicated significant difference between the treatment groups on haemoglobin, Packed cell Volume (PCV) Red blood cells (RBC), (MCV), (MCHC), Basophils and Platelets (P<0.05). There was no significant difference in white blood cells (WBC), Monocytes, Neutrophils, Lymphocytes and Eosinophil composition of the animals (P>0.05).  It was concluded that inclusion of M. balsamina in the diet of rabbits did not affect the physiological functions of the animals.


Haematology, Rabbits, Balsam Apple, physiology, effect, nutrition

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